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An A4, 46 page booklet in colour and b/w featuring a guide to the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685 so you can see where they were on a particular day. This is the second printing and it has more colour artwork and photos

A Review from Don't throw a 1
If you're a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed that I'm a tad partial to the period in history between the ECW and the WSS. So naturally I tend to look for and buy books on the period, I do own several other books on Monmouth's Rebellion and the Battle of Sedgemoor. So when I noticed a new booklet being published, "The Days of King Monmouth" by Ralph Mitchard. it was a no brainer, especially as it was a mere £6 plus postage!
The book runs out at 45 pages and has both colour and black & white illustrations. But what I like the most is the booklet is written as a day by day account, starting on the 1st June when Monmouth sailed to Judge Jeffreys Bloody Assizes.
There are books and booklets with more info in them of course, but for a wargamer, this is gold, with details on the Skirmish at Bridport, the rout of the Somerset Militia, the Skirmish at Ashill and at Keynsham Bridge, the Battle of Philips Norton and of course the Battle of Sedgemoor. The 6 week War is a perfect Skirmish period for any gamer, so if you're interested in the period my advice is buy it!

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